Brothers dog: dont pet me or look at me but i need to be around you at all times and have to be sitting on your feet
Me: ok i need to sleep eventually tho

When Mormons come at yo house






The inventor of the Cellular phone is Henry Sampson, Jr. Sampson is an African-American from Jackson , Mississippi . He attended Morehouse College and transferred to Purdue. He received an MS in Engineering from the

University Of California. He was awarded an MS in Nuclear Engineering from Illinois and his Ph.D from Illinois . Sampson is the first African-American to receive a Ph.D in Nuclear Engineering.In 1971 Sampson was awarded a patent for the “gamma-electric cell.” This technology was used in the cellular phone.

During the AIChE Centennial Meeting held in Philadelphia in November 2008, Dr. Sampson was honored among the “Twenty Chemical Engineers in Other Pursuits.” Sampson is the recipient of a variety of awards including the Atomic Energy Commission Award (1964-1967), Black Image Award from Aerospace Corporation (1982), Blacks in Engineering, Applied Science and Education Award and Los Angeles Council of Black Professional Engineers (1983), and was named a fellow in the U.S. Navy (1962-1964).

In addition to his work in engineering fields, Sampson is a writer, film historian, and documentary film producer who focuses on the African American presence in the film and entertainment industries. He has written five books about the portrayal of African Americans in movies, cartoons, and on radio. Sampson is married to Laura Howzell Young-Sampson, a professor at California State University-San Bernardino. Together, they are working on a biography of Sampson’s mother.

On July 6th, 1971, Henry T. Sampson invented the “gamma-electric cell”, which pertains to Nuclear Reactor use. According to Dr. Sampson, the Gamma Electric Cell, patented July 6, 1971, Patent No. 3,591,860 produces stable high-voltage output and current to detect radiation in the ground.

Born in Jackson, Mississippi, he received a Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University in 1956. He went on to the University of California, Los Angeles where he graduated with an MS degree in engineering in 1961; University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, MS in Nuclear Engineering in 1965, and a PHD in 1967.

Mobile Communications took a big step forward in 1983 with the invention of the Cellular System regulating the portable telephones, which use radio waves to transmit and receive audio signals. Before this time, mobile telephone service in the United States, consisting mainly of car phones, was extremely limited because metropolitan areas had only one antenna for these purposes. In addition, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) assigned only 12 to 24 frequencies to each area, which meant that only that many calls could occur at a time.

These limitations often meant a wait of up to 30 minutes for a dial tone and a five to 10 year waiting list just to acquire the service. With the invention of cellular phone service in 1983, personal communications no longer depended on wires. In the 1990s it would become possible to connect to the Internet from virtually anywhere in the world using a portable computer and a cellular modem with satellite service. Technologies that developed from different fields, such as personal communications, computation, and space exploration often worked together to serve the constantly evolving human needs of the information age.

    Henry T. Sampson worked as a research Chemical Engineer at the US Naval Weapons Center, China Lake, California. 1956-61. Henry T. Sampson then moved on to the Aerospace Corp, El Segundo, California. His titles include: Project Engineer, 1967-81, director of Planning and Operations Directorate of Space Test Program, 1981-, and Co-inventor of gamma-electric cell.

    He holds patents related to solid rocket motors and conversion of nuclear energy into electricity. He also pioneered a study of internal ballistics of solid rocket motors using high-speed photography.

    He was also a producer of documentary films on early black filmmakers and films, a member of the board of directors of Los Angeles Southwest College Foundation, and a technical consultant to Historical Black Colleges and Universities Program.

    Sampson’s Awards and Honors:

    * Fellow of US Navy, 1962-1964

    * Atomic Energy Commission, 1964-1967

    * Black Image Award from Aerospace Corp, 1982

    * Blacks in Engineering, Applied Science, and Education Award, Los Angeles Council of Black Professional Engineers, 1983





Calvin enjoys when the AC is on.

this photo of calvin is brought to you by the good people of Apple. My phone pooped out 110% and it was my main source of photos of Calvin. SO for the forseeable future, all Cal photos will be from lordearlgray my fiance and Calbean’s papa.

calvin has a problem you need to give him less food and to make him go outside

This post gave me a little giggle this morning, so thanks dancingalcoholicnun but you are 110% wrong in every way, so let’s clear some things up.

This is really a PSA for all you cat fans out there:


I will repeat:


I’ll direct you to this post   and just say, if you are truly concerned about Calvin’s health, if you really worry about a strangers cat, how about you do some research and see that letting cats outside is TERRIBLE FOR THEM AND FOR THE ENVIRONMENT AROUND YOUR HOME.

My mother lets her cat Athena outside (and has for about 12 years). You know what happened to the red squirrel population in the square mile around their house/

IT WAS DECIMATED. Athena has never had any health problems, but shit dude, those little red squirrels are GONE because Athena is like the terminator or something.

I’m going to assume this reblog was just trolling, but it’s a good time to tell all Calvin’s followers (fans and hate followers alike)



what a shit omg



Who wore it better



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